About us

Xbox Boxing Academy is a family style boxing gym, which is suitable for anyone whether you just want to get fit or make the leap to stepping in the ring and competing in amateur bouts against other clubs across the country and then even progress on to becoming a fully-fledged professional boxer.  With Team Xbox you will become part of a team and family and will receive constant encouragement and advice from the coaches and your team mates. No matter your experience, fitness or skill Xbox has something for you. 

Amateur  boxing

Xbox boxing academy is a registered ABA (amateur boxing association) club meaning  after enough time in the

gym developing your boxing and fitness you will be able to have a simple medical assessment to ensure you are

healthy enough to compete and then will be selected to compete in bouts across the country against people of

a similar skill level to yourself. You will also be given a place on the clubs home show which takes place twice a

year in Worksop.

Professional boxing 

Xbox boxing has recently taken on some professional boxers who look forward to making a name for themselves

in the professional ranks. These are highly dedicated boxers who take their commitment to stay fit and strong very seriously as do all of out competitors.



Club Rules

X box boxing club is family, it's more than just boxing, we have a brand and style which we pride ourselves on. We believe in offering equal opportunities  to every individual who comes through the club doors., please show the same respect to each person. 

  • Fighters must maintain their fighting weight (1.5kg) either side of their matched weight

  • Spot weight checks can happen at any time

  • Boxers will travel with the coaches for every bout, no exceptions

  • Suitable training clothing and footwear must be worn when training

  • You must return the equipment back to where it belongs in a tidy way

  • Respect the equipment, abuse it & lose it

  • Not too much talking, your here to work hard

  • The coaches plan and prepare the sessions, not the parents

  • Adhere to the tasks set, please listen to the coaches who run the session, they are leading the sessions, no one else

  • if you cause disruption or delays to the session you will either be BEASTED  or asked to leave

  • Subs must be paid on time

  • Respect each other, the coaches and anyone associated with the gym 

  • Do not use your abilities outside the gym

  • Gum shields & Head guards must be worn at all times when sparring

  • Boxers phones must be turned off

  • Your valuables belong to you. its your responsibility to look after them, the club will not be held responsible for any missing possessions

  • All members must respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of gender, ability, cultural background or religion

  • Discipline. Listen carefully to what the coaches say and follow what is required to you.

  • No sparring allowed without permission/supervision of the coaches

  • You are required to get your own supplies of hand wraps, boxing gloves, etc 

  • Lead s healthy and happy life. Make smart choices in your diet as well as your personal life

  • If you have any medical conditions, use any medicine, or have sudden pain/discomfort, please immediately let a coach know

  • You are not here to mingle and hang out with friends, you are expected to follow your training plan

  • Membership must be paid annually

  • Keep the gym if it were your own home. Please take good care of it and keep it clean !